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Control Cravings with this Protein-Rich Shake

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The good news is that the realistic approach to losing weight is NOT about what we're giving up but what we're ADDING to our days. If ever there was a time to focus on getting enough lean protein, it's when you are trying to lose weight.  I'm sure you know …

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Is Your Personality Keeping You From Losing Weight?

Your personal style may give guidance about why you may struggle with losing weight, the natural tendencies you have that may make it difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle, and the danger signs of your style. We all have these things, so knowing even a little about how we …

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Is There A Best Time to Drink Water for Weight Loss?

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The best drink in the world that's naturally calorie-free? It's water!   A new study published in the journal Obesity, reported via WebMD, found that preloading water before meals helps you lose weight. The study looked at 84 obese adults and had 41 members of the group drink around 16 ounces of water before …

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Trick Yourself Full Without Overeating

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We all have days when we eat more than our bodies need. If you think you overate, don’t think you should abandon your diet just because you overate. First and most important, don't beat yourself up. That has proven over and over to a) make you feel even worse and …

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