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Simple Healthy Weight Loss Strategies

weight loss, diets, cutting calories–all can make us stressed! And sometimes just reading those words can trigger stress!

So here is a simple approach to getting on the healthy track that will move you from overwhelm to win. Small steps are the key. Doing what works for you can get you to the goal. Here’s to having the courage to do it your way.

If you are diabetic, or pre-diabetic as I was before I got my eating act together, this article is important to read.

Set Eating Goals You Can Meet

Crash diets or those that limit you to a few foods are tough to keep up over the long haul, and your lost weight is likely to come back.

In the long run, it’s better to start with a smaller goal, like losing 10 pounds. Set a doable date for reaching this goal.

Then focus on making healthy changes in your eating and exercise habits.

Try these goals on for size. Which ones fit your lifestyle?I’ll eat whole-grain cereal and skim milk instead of a muffin for breakfast 4 days a week.I’ll cut back on eating out, or I’ll plan before I do by looking at the menu online and deciding ahead of time what to order.

I’ll eat blueberries and non-fat yogurt instead of ice cream.

I’ll use the “Plate Method” to help manage my portions. Non-starchy vegetables and fruits go on half the plate, starchy foods such as brown rice go on 1/4 of the plate, and lean proteins such as skinless poultry, fish, and lean meat go on the other 1/4th.

I’ll write down everything I eat for 2 weeks.

Source: Diabetes and Your Weight: Healthy Weight Loss Strategies

That last point about writing everything down can seem like a pain, but I predict it will be eye-opening! Try it even for a few days and see what you learn. It’s worth it.

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