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Is Your Personality Keeping You From Losing Weight?

split-personality-200x300Your personal style may give guidance about why you may struggle with losing weight, the natural tendencies you have that may make it difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle, and the danger signs of your style. We all have these things, so knowing even a little about how we function best can make it easier for you to find a diet and lifestyle that work for you.

While you may not be able to change your personality, just knowing your risk factors can help you to take preventative action to maintain good health and happiness.

Classic Type A

Type A personalities tend to be very ambitious and sometimes aggressive. This personality often has a short fuse and may be frequently hostile, angry, cynical, impulsive, and tends to be a workaholic…Due to the tendency to be impulsive, this causes a lot of stress which can often result in unhealthy food choices as well as increased acid production which puts you at an increased risk for gastric ulcers.

Type A personalities are likely to have higher BMIs, which boosts the risk for a wide range of disease and other health problems like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Most are not as effective at coping with high levels of stress which can leave the immune system weak. Asthma and headaches are also more likely to affect type As.

If you’re a type A, you’re likely conscientious as well, which is a trait that can help you live a longer life by paying close attention to what’s going on with your body. You should consider making an extra effort to practice stress reduction techniques such as deep-breathing and meditation. Pay close attention to what you’re eating and try to avoid poor food choices.

The Laid Back Personality

This personality is the opposite of Type A, taking life one day at a time with a relaxed, easygoing demeanor. You may be mostly unaffected by stress and tend to have quite a bit of patience. This type is also prone to procrastination; you probably don’t feel rushed to do anything too quickly.

These traits also mean that you may not be concerned about future health issues and as a result you engage in harmful behaviors, such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

So no need to make judgments or wish we were the other style. We’ve got what we’ve got. But now you have some hints about how to capitalize on your style.

Source: Does your personality determine your health risk? – The Alternative Daily

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