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5 Flat Belly Tips You Can Start Immediately


  As dieters (maybe lifelong dieters?), we’ve all dreamed of having tight, toned stomachs with sexy six-packs. Actually I am pretty close to a two-pack and pretty happy about that. I'm so glad this is working for me, and I think it will work for you, too!   Unfortunately, abdominal fat is not …

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Stand Up for Great Abs (exercises)

For those days you want to work your abs but the thought of getting on the floor is just too daunting! These are fabulous--just do what you can. Then come back and do them again in a day or two.  You'll see results very quickly.   Modify these as …

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3 Ways to Lose You’ll Love

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May sound a little weird but give these things things a little consideration. They can help you lose weight, not drive you crazy. The lettuce hat is optional. 1. Eat: Some people think that not eating is the key to losing weight, but this can only start up a dangerous …

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