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I’m delighted you have come by because there is so much I would like to share with you. Tips, new thinking, fun things and lots of support for you in creating your healthy lifestyle.

It won’t take you long to figure out I’m not a physician, not a nutritionist, and focused on only one diet except for the one that makes you healthy and happy. And only you know what that diet is.

However, I have done what I am hoping you will do–find a way to create health that works for us. The result?

I’ve lost all the weight I gained after Menopause, lowered my cholesterol and pulled myself back from the brink of Diabetes. What would you like to accomplish?

I want to share things with you so you can do what feels right for you. Some things work, some won’t. But we can learn from both categories.

My wish for you is to find the courage to follow your instincts, intuition, body wisdom, etc., so you can have the healthy body and fun, energetic life you deserve! Together we can figure out what works for you!

If you would ever like to chat, please contact me. I’d be delighted.

Wishing you your best life ever. And remember, keep moving.

Be well,




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