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3 Ways to Lose You’ll Love

May sound a little weird but give these things things a little consideration. They can help you lose weight, not drive you crazy. The lettuce hat is optional.

1. Eat: Some people think that not eating is the key to losing weight, but this can only start up a dangerous tailspin for your health. Instead of starving yourself or engaging in long fasts, go ahead and eat. Your body needs fuel and energy to burn when you exercise and go about your day, and eating gives it something to burn.

2. Try New Things: Don’t get locked into the idea that weight loss means you’re doomed to a life of salads and grains. Healthy foods can be delicious and you only need to be a little adventurous to discover this. Do some research on healthy recipes to try to find what stands out to you. Different cultures have delicious and healthful dishes that aid weight loss and come with a number of benefits. Instead of seeing a diet as a restriction, treat it as an opportunity.

3. Travel: This last one may sound far-fetched, but hear it out: while travelling, you’re most likely exploring new places and trying new activities. Your body expels a lot of energy during trips just from walking, touring, and other activities such as swimming, hiking, and biking. When you travel, you lose the comforts of your everyday car and are more likely to try new things that may push your body and your boundaries. Embrace this change as well as the change in scenery, foods, and people.

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